About the Author: Sandra Black

Born and raised in Marion Indiana, 1960; Sandra Black took great pride in being the best person she could be. This meant to her that just being good would not be good enough. You had to be the best at whatever you believed in. Second only to God, she devoted her life to her family. After her family, her third joy was life in Africa which she would eventually sacrifice for love of her mother.

Work History: 

Sandra worked jobs from all walks of life; factory, restaurant, slaughter house, secretarial, switchboard operator, Chemical Lab Technician, Pilot Operations Engineer for manufacturing of phosphoric acid, Engineering Supervisor, Project Supervisor, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Operations Manager, Sanitary Engineer III, Author, Book Publisher Spiritualist, and Missionary to Africa.


Sandra Black was born into the Christian faith, worshiped as a Baptist. By age 33 she discovered that much of what she believed in religion was contrary to the Bible, science, and historical facts. This resulted in her conversion to an African Hebrew Israelite religion. She later discovered that all religions were man made and became a spiritualist. As a spiritualist she discovered that nature, history, science, and all religions were an absolute necessity to study in order to remotely begin to comprehend the truth about God and the Universe (His Creation). After many exhausting hours of study for years, sun up and past sun down, Sandra turned to her inner voice for greater answers to understanding the human dilemma. After much study, prayer, and silent meditation, Sandra Black discovered the most unbelievable. All mankind had been deceived away from God in some way or manner through ALL religions on Earth. All religions teach us that they are the absolute best way to know God or worse ONLY WAY to know God. They all have so much good in them that the deception is over looked. In the best of situations the religion’s deception is deemed a matter of interpretation and thus ignored. In the worse case scenario it is taken literally and fanatically and lives are brutally damaged or lost. Such cases have happened to us on 911 and in Waco Texas. Religion was formed to divide mankind from his true inner creation and it has successfully done so every since its invention. Religion divides man from one another based on our differences… male/female, young/old, black/white, American/Arabian, gay/straight, Christian/Muslim, Hindu/Buddhist, Theist/Atheist and so on. This deceit causes suffering, misery, and death in the human experience. Thus came about the book, “The Ultimate Deceit of the Human Race: The Ezzrath Theory.” Sandra Black chose the pen name Ezzrath Baht Shem because “Ezzrath” carries the African Hebrew meaning that is the same as “Sandra” in Greek. Both names are the feminine expression of “helper.” Sandra/Ezzrath has spent her life helping in any way that she could be of service. “Baht Shem”, means "daughter of Shem." She refused an Israelite affiliation (Baht Israel) in her beliefs that God loves all mankind not a chosen race. She believes that her bloodline is a direct ancestry to the Israelite people (perhaps a faction of an Egyptian tribe that splintered from belief in polytheism to the belief in monotheism).

Mother Enslaved: Ultimate Betrayal:  

Came about through a lack of concern for humanity by the powers that be—THE AMERICAN COURT AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM. The daughter who had deeply loved her mother was cast out and the son who loathed most everything mother stood for was endorsed to enslave her for his financial slave.

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Ultimate Betrayal

Ultimate Deceit
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